Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Our Entitled Children: An American Tiger Mom's Story" Soon to be Widely Available!

The harsh but effective methods of the Tiger Mom have dominated our national conversation on parenthood for months. However, moms who would prefer a more balanced and sensible approach to raising high-achieving kids will soon have their chance to roar back. In less than a week, Our Entitled Children: An American Tiger Mom’s Story will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, iTunes, and other major paperback and ebook retailers.

As the name implies, this book tells my story – the story of an average mom’s journey to provide her daughters with a stellar head start in life. In doing so, I took a very hands-on approach, even going so far as to start an academically accelerated private school just for them. Like the Chua-style Tiger Mom, I got results – Nicole is a medical student at Stanford University, and Jaclyn just landed a high-paying corporate job straight out of Claremont McKenna College. But as an American Tiger Mom, rather than berating and prodding my daughters to conform to my vision of their futures, I reserved my ferocious energy for my efforts to provide them with opportunities to grow and excel on their own terms. Whether it was getting them a $35,000 grant to study hydrogen fuel cell technology, or converting our garage into a studio to support their passion for dance, I did my very best to enrich their lives and help them grow into complete individuals. I hope my book can help other moms do the same.

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